How did BitcoinCash start? Some coin history

BitcoinCash was forked from Bitcoin when some people did not agree with the way how some of the problems with scale ability were solved.
So a small group of cryptocoin adepts did a split of and created a new blockchain continuing a blockchain that was at the start equal with bitcoin but at some point went a different direction. Everyone who owned bitcoin also got bitcoincash when they used their private keys in the Bcash wallet. Not much later, the few people supporting Bcash, also started a fight then another split off was made, BitcoinSV.
Project website :

People behind this coin

The person known the most for this coin is Roger Ver. Roger is the owner of the domain And uses that domain for Bcash as well.

Thoughts about BitcoinCash

Some leading people have been promoting BitcoinCash as the “real Bitcoin“. This way they created some confusion by people who were new to cryptocurrencies. A lot of people who did not really like this fork and project refer to it as Bcash.