Bitcloud Cryptocurrency

The bitcloud project was started in September 2016 as a minable coin. In 2017 the codebase was replaced by a PoS and masternodes codebase. The purpose of this coin is just a role as a fast and borderless cryptocurrency. Coins are distributed over 2700 addresses.

Official website :
Explorer : Explorer 1


You can stake this coin by owning coins and keeping your wallet open all the time. Or run a masternode that requires 10000 coins collateral. Running a masternode will give you a return of around 50 percent a year in coins. The maximum amount of coins is 43 million. Last update on github was from January 2019.
Wallets are available for all operating systems, but I have not seen a link to a mobile wallet.

Team and community

There is no official team on the website for this coin. On discord there are people giving support to users when problems arise. The community is not really big and relative quiet. On bitcointalk forum you can find the nicknames of 10 people who are on the official team.

Trading and Exchanges

You could trade his cryptocurrency at many exchanges. Too bad, during 2019 many exchanges were closing the doors , like Cryptopia, Coinexchange and Novaexchange. Current active markets are Crex24 and CryptoBridge.

Bitcloud Review

The bitcloud wallet was coded by a developer , who is making coins on request by forking them from another coin on request of a customer.
This means the team building up the project has no blockchain developer on board. Development has been stalled in a technical way.

The relative strength of Bitcloud is the number of exchanges the cryptocoin is listed on. You can trade them at many small exchanges.
There are no known use cases for this cryptocurrency.

The official website refers to a forum for BDTX users, but the site does not longer exist. It seems that the official site is not longer maintained, at least it has old information

The outlook and potential of this coin is limited. Current value represents this.

Last Update of this page : 4-11-2019