Ankr cryptocoin information, what is it?

Ankr cryptocurrency is a coin for a cloud computer platform. When you need resources in the cloud , or you have server capacity you don’t use and want to rent out, Ankr has the solution for you. It is all financially based on the projects token.
The coin is running on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token so it is not really running its own coin. This might be good as there is no inflation by creation of new tokens like with staking coins or proof of work coins.
Official website :
Explorer : Explorer 1

Team , community and communication

The news about the project is published in bi-weekly newsletter , that can be found on medium. The team also tweets all main activities.
The community is big and supportive having around 30000 people around.
The team is not representing themselves on the website , but there are photo’s of the team on crypto events, most likely they are known well by the community.

Exchanges and distribution

ANKR can be traded at many exchanges of which Binance , Upbit and Bittrex are the more relevant exchanges.
The top account for ANKR holds nearly one billion of four billion coins that are in free circulation. This is the account of Binance exchange . Six billion of the ten billion tokens created in the contract are still in a reserve.

Ankr Review

Earning coins on this chain requires serious hardware , for example a minimum 16 core CPU. This makes it not accessible for everyone with a computer or small server.
With the cloud based distributed hosting worldwide, ANKR has a good working product.
The project is working together , or gives services to many other crypto projects.
Current valuation of the project of around six million US dollar is way below the amount of money at the time of initial offering when the project collected around 32 million USD value of cryptocurrencies.
It is very hard to evaluate the turnaround, and based on that, the value of a project like this.
Last update of this page : 17-12-2019
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