What is Ampleforth ?

Ampleforth is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of this token intends to be a currency.

The website shows some ideas about scarcity of currency and demand of currency. Describing it as a problem that can be solved by elastic supply. Where the elastic supply is not coordinated by the central bank, but on the blockchain. So its all coded , and had some updates or upgrades over the year to optimize how the elasticity works.

Official site :

Explorer : Explorer 1

When checking on the explorer for this token , there are around 1500 addresses with a balance of ample. The richest 6 addresses have 96 percent of all token.

Team and community

You can follow the project on Twitter or talk with the people on telegram. News regarding the project is frequently posted on Medium, so there is activity. Nine persons are working on the project according the team page on the website .


The token can be traded at 4 exchanges , of which Bitfinex is the most relevant in volume. The other three are Ethfinex, Uniswap and Bankor.

Ampleforth Review

The distribution of this token is relative low.

The idea behind Ampleforth with elastic supply is good. But we cannot over see how it is really working. And when I assume, some coins are on an exchange. Then the demand becomes lower, and the number of coins goes the same way. The exchange will not longer be able to let people withdraw the number of coins they have bought or deposited. Maybe it works little different then.

There is a whitepaper and a red paper, both describing how things should work . Besides there is a lot of information and even a course on the website. So enough to read there.

As it is a token on Ethereum , the wallet will work for sure.

We did not find any use case for this cryptocurrency.

We think its more a project to watch and see how it works, then to have this coins as an investment.

Relevant links

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