Amino network

Amino network

Amino Network presents itself as a 5G ready intelligent cloud edge network. But no real information is published on the website just a bunch of buzz words. If you want to know more… leave our email address on the site. Seems they project want to keep secret what they are doing … or it is just a token sale.
Official project site :
Explorers : Explorer 1

The team and community

On the official website there are links to the LinkedIn profiles of 12 people. With a list of their past work. Most of them working at Auckland University in New Zealand.

There is a little activity on Twitter and Media with some articles bout the project. But we could not find discord or slack, just a telegram group connected to this crypto token.

Trading and markets

The Amino network token is tradable at Kucoin exchange with two markets, a bitcoin and a usdt market . And was one of the last coins listed at coinexchange before they decided to close the doors.

Review for Amino Network

The roadmap suggest that there is some action since 2010 , to bad all information I can find on the web is from 2019.

Looking at the explorer there are 750 addresses holding some of this tokens . Most of the tokens (880 million of 1 billion) are on 1 address. Total 97 percent of all tokens are on the biggest 4 addresses. The explorer goes back to march 2019 , when the token was created.

When I scan the QR code for the wallet I get a link to a product where the description is only to read in an language with Asian characters. Most likely Chinese, but for sure it is something I can not read. So I did not install the app.

I did not find a link to normal computer/windows wallet for this project on the official site.

The news on the official website is a year old now.

Last update of this page : 27-10-2019

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