Algorand cryptocurrency

The idea of Algorand project is to make a borderless economy a reality. Blockchains in in itself are borderless , but economy isn’t and will never be.
Any developer can build apps on top of this blockchain. They can do it in many coding languages.
There is a lot to read on the website and you can watch a lot video’s from different kind of events.
There are a few more websites for the project, one about the foundation, another for the community.
Official website :
Explorers :


Algorand can be traded at many exchanges. There are around 50 market pairs at different exchanges , most of them in Bitcoin and USDT pairs.

The most relevant exchange where you can buy and sell this cryptocurrency is Binance. Buying or selling Algorand is possible with creditcard or with other coins.  At Binance you can directly deposit EURO and USD from a bank account.

Algorand review :

I joined the discord channel for this coin, it showed me some invalid links to telegram channels and some invite links for other coins or projects. Discord seems to be abandoned.
As I had a few coins on an exchange, I searched the official website link for a wallet. For two purposes, to keep coins close me and not on an exchange. And of course because I want to see what was making the wallet special and does it work without problems. So far I only found a link to github. I am not interested in a developer environment , I want to see working product I can download and use on my windows computer.
The explorer does not show how coins are distributed, or tells us anything about the most rich addresses.
The current value of 114 million USD for the full blockchain at the moment of writing, is way to high for what I have found as working products or promising ideas.
I have not found a use case, or a shop accepting this coin as money.
The ideas are already realized in other crypto projects .
My final conclusion : I had some coins on an exchange, and sold them after doing this review and research. With around five thousand coins and tokens existing ( according coinmarktcap ) there are much more promising cryptocurrencies to find, with better potential.