Akoin is a cryptocurrency recently listed at Bittrex. When i looked at the website of the coin, the project is focussing on Afrika. The economic situation in Afrika is not easy to understand for someone living in Europe or North America. But we can fast pick out one problem. The value and stabilty of money in African countries is a problem. The team wants to solve this problem with a cryptocurrency, Akoin .

Akon the known name of the team dreams about building modern cities in Afrika.

The team and community

The best known team member for this project is Akon. Akon is an American artist with more then 6 million followers on Twitter.

Social Media

Twitter, Discord , Facebook , Instagram

Where to trade, buy or sell Akoin

Akoin has an exchange listing at Bittrex. You can buy or sell this cryptocurrency there.

Review for Akoin

Akoin projects dreams of building a modern city in Senegal. This is a great dream. But building a city cost billions of dollars, no matter where in de world you build it. It requires housing and also many utilities. It is not something you can fund with creation of a cryptocoin.

Akoin is not the only coin with the focus on Afrika. One of the others we have writen about on our site is Afro. I is heartwarming that people care so much about Afrika. But generating some funds in crypto is one thing. Get many people using a coin is something else. I always think, would i work to earn this coin and can I buy a my myself a lunch or diner with it.

When i found thecoin was listed at Bittrex, I checked the orderbook. Of course i did , because trading cryptocurrencies is my hobby. On the buy side of the book, offers valued 1,7 bitcoin. On the sell side there were many sell orders exceeding the buy value multiple times in value. But two sell orders were offered with so many coins that they had a had a sell price of 15 bitcoin. That makes me think the price outlook for the coin is not good. And i am afraid it will go down fast.

Resources, websites and links

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