What we know about AION crypto token.

Aion is dubbed as the third generation cryptocurrency blockchain as it offers a unique platform and a protocol to inter-connect a whole set of other compatible blockchains. The project boasts its highly scalable platform and a well-planned infrastructure that allows the exchange of data between different blockchains.

Aion is a community-based project with Mathew Spoke heading the development team. It was founded back in 2017 during the famous crypto bull-run. During the same year, it completed a huge ICO and has been growing ever since. The project is studded with a world-class team with many individuals highly accustomed with the cryptocurrency world. It has the support of many advisors including Vitalik Buterin, Alex Tapscott and Dennis Bennie .

As a product, Aion offers a platform where developers can create Java applications and deploy on the blockchain network. One of the fundamental aims of Aion is to speed up the development linked with blockchain technology and its integration with the mainstream applications. The technology is adamant to solve issues related to privacy, security and scalability.

One quality which gives Aion a competitive edge over other blockchain cryptocurrencies is it’s purposely built Aion Virtual Machine. Created on top of Java Virtual Machine, it makes development really easier by providing all the relevant tools at the disposal of the developers. The vision behind Aion is to create something similar to internet, but for blockchains where all different cryptocurrencies are interconnected. The network is designed with scalability issues in mind, which further enables it to have quick processing of transactions. It is also capable of achieving high data throughput rates.

Initially, this startup was started by Mathew Spoke as Nuco Global. It was not until July 2018, that it separated itself in to Aion Foundation. Mathew is still the CEO of Nuco, a company which is working on the development of infrastructure blocks .


Aion community is one of the fastest-growing communities. The network is permission less, meaning that anyone and everyone can operate a Node, or even mine the coin. Currently, the network has over 2000 miners who are playing their part in processing a transaction. The development team is also working hard towards the development of the network, and most of it can be tracked on their Github repository.

Some price history

The team behind Aion cashed in on the crypto bull-run of 2017 as they managed to raise over $20 million through their ICO. This was the time when investors were ready to throw money into any promising technology. The ICO also adopted a very interesting pricing model. The base price was set at $0.75 for the first ten minutes. Thereafter, it increased by $0.05 every 10 minutes until it reached an end price of $1. The total value of the project reached an all time high of 635 million USD in January 2018, but at the moment of writing this review the total value is only 20 million USD.

Where to trade AION

You can trade AION on in twenty market pairs on different cryptocurrency exchanges, of which Binance is the most relevant and has the highest volumes in trading.

Aion is also described as a “fuel” used for the development of different blockchains and creating bridges between different networks. It must be noted that Aion has an enormous potential packed in its implementation. The developers have been able to interconnect some cryptocurrency blockchains with different development platforms using Aion tokens. However, the true success of the Aion project might come from a collaboration between several other projects which are also working on interoperability of blockchains.

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