Afro cryptocurrency (AFRO)

Afro cryptocoin has its focus on being a cryptocurrency for Africa. There is a website for the project. But as you can read in the review, it does not tell us much.

Official website and explorer

Afrocoin website

We found no explorer for the coin.

Social Media

The twitter account is mainly in french : Afro twitter

Where to trade Afro coin

There is a market for this coin on the crypto exchange Altilly.

Coin review for Afrocoin

Information on this project is very limited at this time. So it is hard to say anything serious. Maybe we look again at it in a year or so.

Our personal view on this project, there is website, nothing more, and an exchange listing. That’s it. It is not something that is making value for the project/chain/token. At this stage of a project it is not worth at all to have an exchange listing. Unless the creator just created the token to sell it and earn some Bitcoin.