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This cryptocoin project was started as a clone of PivX. The promise of the Aegeus project was to build something for “the new era of data management”. As most readers will know , PIVX is the base of many masternode coins, where a pre-mine was sold to early adopters and investors. After that the developers could work for the money and make the products promised at the start.


You can trade Aegeus on the crypto exchange Crex24.

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Review for Aegeus cryptocurrency

So far, when I look at the wallet, there is nothing that makes Aegeus special.The team is out of money and the price is low . They think they have a solution for this by doing a re-brand, and collect money this way. Some rebrands have had lot of attention , and raised interest and prices. But at least the use case and plans made in the past should have been realized.

All coins on this chain are distributed over more than 33000 addresses. What is pretty good for a coin project like this at this age. But 40% of all Aegeus coins are in the top 100 addresses. Making it less impressive.

The team of 6 people is hiding behind nicknames and images, and don’t provide real names and photo’s. Although it is not uncommon in the crypto world, as in some countries cryptocurrency projects are illegal. It does not add trust for the project.

Many coins trying to implement some form or privacy build on the PivX code mainly import a lot of trouble on their blockchain.

At this point, I sold all my coins on this blockchain and moved on to find something better. Because I don’t believe in rebrands without delivery of good use cases.

Exchanges for this coin

This coin can be be traded at Crex24.

Update 22-1-2020
Aegeus cryptocurrency is swapped to Knoxfs coin. Together with the swap for Aegeus there is a sale ( some kind of additional extended offering ) for the new coin KnoxFS.
Website for the swapped coin :

Primary review : 08-11-2019
Last update of this page : 22-01-2020 , swap to Knoxfs information added.

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