42Coin cryptocurrency (42)

42coin is a cryptocurrency project started in 2016. It started as a coin you could mine. So it is a coin that is around for a while now. When all 42 coins were mined it became a Pow and PoS coin, but without rewards from new coins per block.

Website & Explorer

Official website

Explorer 1

Team and community

There are accounts for all social media, like discord and twitter.

Where to trade

42coin is listed for trading at 5 small exchanges. The exchanges are Liveoin, Altilly, XBTS, Freebitcoins and Altmarkets

A small review for the project

This coin is most of all a technical project. In its nature it is deflatonair. We found no use case. Coin42 is tradable at 5 exchanges. Usally i ask myself: what makes a coin special, why should i buy it? The low number of aonly 42 coin totall in existance makes it special. But no real usecase is found, so i am not interested in owning some of these coins.

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